As promised when sharing books on and by dogs, here’s what we have on cats.
We don’t have many books featuring cats other than the George and Flora series by Rachel Haywood. However, there are some featuring big or wild cats.

But did you know, that once upon a time there was a case of mistaken identity when it came to leopards and tigers?
Leopards – mistaken identity
Jock of the bushveld by South African author Percy Fitzpatrick refers to tigers in the first edition. By the time the book came to be reprinted, it had been recognised that tigers and leopards were different. (And perhaps Jock should have featured in the blog on Dogs…)
And in Tarzan, there seems to be quite some confusion with Sabor being a generic word for lionesses, but also the word for tiger and in the film, Sabor is the leopard who killed Tarzan’s parents. And here’s a bit of an explanation by Tarzan’s biographer.

There is no mistaking My Tiger by Josie Arden in This and That vol 2.

While The Celebration Husband by Maya Alexandri features the Masai who used to coat themselves with lion fat as a protection measure.

And this lion was just to sweet to not be included