Against the Tide


Stephen Baker – Appreciation

Stephen Baker

Through his collection of 10 minute monolgues, Stephen Baker conveys an astute insight into human behaviour. Taking everyday scenarios, he explores the motives and actions of various types of people he’s encountered in his life – one that brought him into contact with diverse peoples. His collection Twists and Turns is aptly titled, and could well apply to the other four monologue collections: Secrets , Reckoning, Brief Encounters and Against the Tide. All contain monolgues for men and women – although can no doubt be adapted as the performer/reader desires.
Six for the Road, is a collection of six sketches (variable lengths and number of actors) set in a pub.
He also has a piece, “The Waiting Man” in the TSL compilation, Relationships: 6 Monologues.
Stephen says he was inspired to write in this format by Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads. Irrespective of that, I’ve enjoyed reading Stephen’s pieces – more than I did Talking Heads. I could just see the situations evolving.



The sea is powerful. For some it’s a source of inspiration and relaxation. For others, it’s dark and threatening. Thus it provides a wonderful backdrop for many stories.

Those which spring to mind include:
Albatross by David Stroud
The Goddess in Ravelled by Sue Hampton
Fancy That by Josie Arden in This and That vol 1
Stephen Baker makes waves in his monologue collection Against the Tide
And don’t miss John Samson‘s novel A Donkey Called Oddsock where a young boy goes in search of the sea.
Philip Philmar has a beautiful mermaid surrounded by waves on the cover of Warm and Wet, one of the stories in his short story collection of the same title.
The sea features too in Leslie Tate’s Love’s Register and in Margaret Moore’s holiday reminiscences From Sri-Lanka with Love.

Finally, Dave Robson shares how to be a popular crew member when sailing on the waves.

First published 12 April 2017, updated 2024