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TSL Drama


Please note:
at present, TSL is not accepting scripts or monologues.

Welcome to TSL Drama
It was not TSL’s intention to publish dramatic works, however, due to popular demand and the closure of New Theatre Publications, we decided to embark into this exciting world.
In an attempt to support authors with their writing, TSL has introduced a support forum where authors can load a piece of their writing and ask for feedback from others in the group. You will need to register to participate as the forum is closed to protect copy- and intellectual rights.

TSL Offers to:
• Pay you 70% of the performance fee and 50% of net profits on scripts sold (once expenses have been covered).
• Let you know in advance when and where your work is being performed and obtain two complimentary tickets for you to see it in production.
• Have a complete catalogue on-line for world-wide circulation.
• Publish the script to a quality standard.
• Promote your work and work towards a 4-way win situation for the playwright, performer(s), audience and publisher.
• Forward you all payments in accordance with your contract and send you a detailed twice-yearly statement of earnings.
• Give you a personalised response on any play submitted within four to six weeks (providing submission criteria are met). The decision of the Review Panel is final.

What TSL expects from you:
If you decide to submit your play* to TSL Drama, it should meet the following criteria:
• All stage directions should be in lower case italics and contained within brackets ( ), but see below.
• Any character names within stage directions must be in capitalised lower case.
• Character names at the start of spoken lines should be immediately followed by a colon (:) then a space, eg. Anne: And so it was.
• Font should be Arial 10 point.
• Only use italics and bold within the text.
• The script should specify whether the play is for Amateur Theatre, Fringe or other specific group.
Monologue compilations are welcomed. As a guide, monologues should be around 10 minutes in length.

*An electronic copy of the play should be submitted to TSL Publications, together with a short introduction of yourself.

Once your play is accepted, together TSL and you will
• work to ensure the work is published to the best standard possible.
• Promote the play as widely and effectively as possible.
• Create an author information page on the TSL website which will contain information about your plays, reviews and other relevant information to market your work.