Where Human Rights and Mental Health Interact

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An eclectic collection of monologues, a duologue and short stories on human rights and mental health issues affecting our day. Contributions from across the globe.
[Age Guide]
Monologues for Men
Remembrance Day [late 80s] – John Samson
The Tracks [17 year old] – Tyler Texeira
Class Participation [Freshman] – Jacinta Das
Monologues for Women
Jess [21 year old] – Sue Hampton
The Palliative Care Nurse [46 year old] – Heather Duthie
Hell hath no fury [50-ish year old] – Jennifer Russell-Hawkins
Monologue for Anyone
At the London’s Arm Fair [Age appropriate] – Leslie Tate
UCBs Talks [Age appropriate] – Rachie Ross
Other Writings
What Bubbles found when she was lost – Amna Agib
Please let it be so [Father & young girl] – Nick Horgan

No of Actors: 4M 2F 2x 1girl
Performance Length: 10 minutes
Performance Licence Fee per piece performed: £5.00
No of scripts required: 2-3
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