Warm and Wet – Philip Philmar

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This is a collection of short, mostly comedy plays. These are very short plays indeed. If they were any shorter they probably wouldn’t even be plays; yet they are longer, I think, than just sketches, and each one is complete in itself. A number of them might be performed sequentially to create an extended entertainment—a showcase for actors and a set of intriguingly diverse stories for an audience. Certainly they go off in different and I hope unpredictable directions, and it would be challenging to stage them; but with a little imagination, and not being too literal about it, I think perfectly possible. When first performed in competition it was impractical to produce some of the strange props indicated, but the stage directions read aloud was enough to prime the audience’s imagination.
A word about swearing: I find the use of indiscriminate bad language, frankly, boring; but there is occasional bad language here, necessary to the characters’ ways of expressing themselves. Some of the plays have adult themes.

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