Urgent! Pocket Money Required – Beatrice Holloway

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Urgent! Pocket Money Required is a call most western children have at least once in their lives growing up. Perhaps not in exactly the same words, but close enough. How often do youngsters desperately want something which needs money?

The school Rugby coach has arranged a trip to Twickenham to see the Welsh team in action. Rhys and his friend Giddy make up their minds to go. BUT they have a problem – where to get the fare? Rhys has money making ideas gained mostly from stories of his grandfather’s boyhood. He tries to emulate some of these adventures with amusing results and little success. A rumour going round the school sets them another problem – April is to leave the village. Plans were made to prevent this happening and get enough money for the trip.

This is book 2 of the Adventures of Rhys.

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