Training a Greyhound and other Troubles – Beatrice Holloway

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Growing up is hard enough as it is, and then there are girls just to compliate matters. In Training a Greyhound and other troubles, young Rhys has his fair share of life growing up in Wales.

At the end of a day already fraught with trouble nine years old Rhys is devastated by the news of his missing brother. Firstly he has school problems. With his best friend Giddy, he chases grasshoppers and gets his clothes very dirty. He experiments with kissing a girl, April who does not react like his brother’s girlfriends.
Together Rhys and Giddy decide to train a very reluctant greyhound for racing. Do they succeed?
But worse was to come – an invitation to April’s birthday party.

This is book 1 of the adventures of Rhys.

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