Train Alive – Keith Joyce

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During WW2 American General Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower had a special train for travelling across the UK and Europe. While the engine and 2 carriages are in the National Rail Museum, Wisconsin in the USA, the details of the carriages have remained unknown till now. 
Albert Phillips, a booking clerk at King’s Cross Station conscripted into the Royal Artillery in 1939, was on the train as Eisenhower’s personal coach attendant. Clearing out his papers, his grandson, Keith Joyce found a plan of the train — the only one known to exist.

7 reviews for Train Alive – Keith Joyce

  1. Paul Johnson

    Great little piece of history that provides an insight to little known aspect of WW2.

  2. Steve

    Amazing purchase and a must for WW2 and train enthusiast’s

  3. Michelle laidlaw

    Great buy, fascinating and a must buy for an insight into a part of unknown history…Worth every penny

  4. Lindsay

    A most informative booklet, a must for any history and train enthusiast.

  5. Ian V

    Great insight and a must buy for anyone interested in the history of WW2 and trains.

  6. Kelli

    A nice piece of history and a good purchase for all train enthusiasts

  7. Brian

    Amazing piece amazing document packed into a tidy gift for any rail enthusiast. It is possibly a document that has never been seen but played such an integral part of m9dern day history

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