To be a Soldier – JM Kearsley




The Peninsular War, between the British and the French, has been ongoing for three years already and Napoleon Bonaparte is still intent on conquering all of Europe, his great armies cutting a swathe from the Iberian Peninsula to the icy steppes of Russia.
General Sir Arthur Wellesley, Lord Wellington, is in charge of the British army in Portugal. Assisted by Portuguese troops, he needs to enter Spain but his way is blocked by two great fortresses at Ciudad Rodrigo and Badajoz – both occupied by French forces.
To this arena of war come a London pick-pocket and an aristocratic young lady who are destined by Fate to become involved in Wellington’s plans. Adventure, intrigue and romance await them in the Peninsula, together with friendships made and lost. Both Will Tucker and Lady Megan Camberwell find companionship, hardship and courage as they face the dangers and horrors of war together.

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