There came a time: Essays on the Great War in Africa – edited collection

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Conference proceedings from 2012-2017 edited by Anne Samson, Ana Paula Pires and Dan Gilfoyle


Part 1: Military Aspects

East Africa

  • How Britain fell into war in East Africa: Anne Samson
  • Military overview of the campaign in East Africa: Harry Fecitt
  • ‘Bridging the gap’: Exploring the role of the Staff during the 1916 campaign in Tanganyika: David Boyd
  • The defence of Karonga and the battle of Kasoa: Peter Charlton
  • The Rhodesian Police Units at the front: Timothy Wright

Some naval aspects

  • ‘Strike the Colours’: The loss of HMS Pegasus at Zanzibar, 20 September 1914: Kevin Patience
  • England expects: Naval action in Nyasaland: Peter Charlton
  • ‘Danes’ at war in East Africa: The case of the blockade runner SS Kronborg: Bjarne S Bendtsen

West Africa 

  • The Advent of War: Anglo-African Relations across West Africa: Nigel Browne-Davies
  • Nigeria Regiment in Cameroon: Stewart Hawkins

North West Africa

  • Northern and Eastern Africa during the Great War: Harry Fecitt

Part 2 Mobilisation, participants and economics

  • Mass mobilisation of human resources: Tanja Bührer
  • ‘When two elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers.’ (African proverb): East Africa during the First World War:  Oliver Schulten


  • The Belgian Force Publique in German East Africa during World War I: Kris Quanten I can never say about the men – The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles: Andrew Kerr
  • On Call in Africa in War and Peace – with 3 East Africa Field Ambulance:
    Dr Tony Jewell
  • Forgotten Citizens and Servicemen: The West African Contribu-tion to the First World War: Nigel Browne-Davies
  • The Germans and British in São Vicente Cape Verde: Célia Reis
  • Diversity in Adversity: The British in Egypt during the First World War: Lanver Mak

Economics and politics

  • The ‘other Portuguese Flanders’: strategic ambition and operational disaster in the Portuguese Great War in Mozambique: António Paulo Duarte; Ana Paula Pires; Bruno Cardoso Reis
  • War and Empire: Portuguese East Africa and economic warfare (1914-1919): Ana Paula Pires & Maria Fernanda Rollo
  • The Status of the West African Sterling in Southern Nigeria in 1916: Bamidele Aly

Part 3: Researching the African Theatre

  • Researching the First World War in Africa: Dan Gilfoyle
  • The National Archives (London) Collection: William Spencer
  • Bringing African soldiers to life using The National Archives (London) record collections: Martin Willis
  • Let the collection tell its own story: Artefacts of the war in German East Africa in the collections of the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History in Brussels: Jan van der Fraenen
  • Citations for military awards: Harry Fecitt


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