The Travellers – Rajeshwar Prasad (DRAMA)

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A philosophical drama in three acts

In The Travellers the absurdity of life – a world without God and joy – is brought to consciousness through the encounters of Alvin, Cecil and Blair at a train station. It is underpinned by the philosophy of atheistic existentialism as depicted in works by Samuel Becket, Eugene Ionesco, Jean Genet, Harold Pinter and Edward Albee.

The Travellers is a play in three acts which has all the features of absurd plays – with the absurdist formula of (aclp2t) + (afi2lms) + (tc) – action is reduced – characters are reduced – language is reduced – plot is reduced – place is reduced – the sense of alienation, fear, isolation, insecurity, loneliness, mystery and suspense – and the tragic-comic scenes – nothing is happening – but everything is happening.

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