The Tractor – Tor Hansen



The Tractor is the story of Morakeewa, an island in the Pacific Ocean altered forever by the arrival of American troops during the Second World War. When they return home, they leave something that will change the islanders forever: the Tractor.
Tommu, a Reader dedicated to understanding the books left behind by the Americans, tells the story. Setting out to write a history of Morakeewa, he finds himself at the centre of a controversy over what should be done with the technology the island inherited from the Americans.
Does the Tractor represent the solution to all the problems of the island, or is it an evil Shai-hathan, bringing nothing but decadence and corruption that must be destroyed at all costs? Perhaps the answer lies in finding the will of ‘Our Granny’ the semi-mythical ruler of the island, if Tommu can work that out.
The task is more difficult and dangerous than Tommu thought, especially in the middle of a terrorist war between factions that believe they have exclusive access to the truth, and each want Tommu’s history to reflect their point of view.


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