The Sometimes Society – Beatrice Holloway

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ebookThe Sometimes Society is Book 4 in the Rhys series by Beatrice Holloway. The boys are growing up – Rhys and his friend Giddy, decided that their girl friends, April and Ruth could join their Society – sometimes. Between them they decide on certain rules. As the story unfolds the rules prove to be useful.

But then disaster strikes. When Rhys’s mother is injured in a kitchen fire, he resolves never to leave her side again.
With his birthday looming, his parents are concerned that he is no longer the happy boy he once was. So, they make plans that include his Sometimes Society friends to help him overcome his fears.
Linked with this is a night out camping with his friend Giddy, including a mid-night feast, but they are disturbed by strange noises outside the tent.

The girls have their share of troubles too. When the Society finds out that Ruth is being bullied the boys plan all sorts of revenge but the solution is solved by someone else.

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