The Operations in East Africa – Ludwig Boell

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Regarded as the German official history of the East Africa campaign of the First World War, in 2023, Ludwig Boell’s Operations in East Africa came out of German copyright. This provided the opportunity to give researchers the original German and the first English translation of the text in the same publication. This is to allow dual language speakers to compare the texts more easily and to decide for themselves regarding the accuracy of the text. This is especially important when some German phrases translate ambiguously. For speed of translation, the online translator Deepl has been used. In selecting the translator, comparisons were made with other online systems as well as with a human-translated copy of the text; Deepl was found to be sufficiently sensitive to the original German. The text has however been edited to ensure readability and to include military terminology as appropriate. The page numbers of the original German text are included at the end of each page in the format {Boell p }. This allows the researcher to cross reference footnotes confidently as they remain as per the original numbering.

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The Great War in Africa Association is an online community of people interested in the First World War in Africa. It is managed by Dr Anne Samson, a specialist of the Great War in Africa for over twenty years. Visit for more information.


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