The Miller’s Boy – Ray Wooster

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Screwing up every ounce of courage that I could muster, I approached the Miller, he was in a dreadful state. In his death agonies he had bled profusely from his nose and mouth. I could not in all conscience leave him in that state. Collecting a bucket of water and some rags, I first closed his sightless staring eyes, then tenderly I began to wash his face. As I washed I talked to him.
“How now, Master Joseph, this a pretty pass, broken on a wheel, a fitting end for a Saint, but not a Miller. You drank like a Lord, lived like a beggar to what purpose? As you told me so often the Lord moves in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. So it is with your demise, which, I would have not compassed for a King’s ransom. Thy death hath restored freedom to my family and lifted the burden of debt from their shoulders. Rest assured Master Joseph, from this day forward until my last breath, I will pray for your immortal soul, as you have neither chick nor child to intercede on your behalf. I pray you Master take this my blessing, rest in peace, unhappy perturbed soul.” I blessed him and placed my fingers on his cold lips. Then with light feet and a heavy heart began preparations for my escape from bondage.

ebook available here under the previous title *Human Bondage*
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