The Hamlet Inn – Kim Wedler

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Bovey Tracey is in Torquay staying at “The Hamlet Inn” where he hopes to enjoy a peaceful weekend. 
Also enjoying their stay, are a group of senior singers from Streatham, an Elvis impersonator, his deluded wife, a part time photographer and a couple of “misunderstood” men; just the usual crowd at “The Hamlet Inn”. 
Whilst pouring himself a pomegranate juice in the breakfast room Bovey overhears two guests conjuring up a plan to steal what they think is a valuable music box from the hotel. 
Bovey puts down his trusted author’s fountain pen and steps into action to catch these two reprobates. 
That evening after complimentary drinks the guests experience a power cut, and the hotel is thrown into mayhem. 
Will Bovey Tracey divert this act of sabotage
and stop the robbery? 

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