The Grumpy Crumpet Club – RJ Whitfield

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Clair lives in a fantasy world. Along with her friends Desiree, Jenny and Sara, they create an imaginary pop/punk group called The Grumpy Crumpets. They slowly live through the rise of the band from indie darlings to stadium-filling megastars. But all this is done through made up press articles and imagined scenarios. However, all is not right. Clair hears voices and struggles to cope in a world where stabbings are a regular occurrence. She also has to deal with an abusive boss. Her world starts to crumble as the layers of fantasy are slowly peeled away, leaving her wondering who she actually is. This is a story of friendship, of ambition, of identity, of abuse, of survival. It is certainty wrapped in uncertainly. The real collides with the unreal.

This is RJ Whitfield’s second book. His first is The Good Vicar



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