The Green Man and the Raven’s Quest – Sutherland Bell (hardcover)

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Determined to save her dying father, a girl sets out on a dangerous quest to find the grail with its elixir of everlasting life. The Green Man watches her perilous journey as he laments upon the impending doom of his natural world. Both are in a race against time but will they be able to stop Death’s relentless stride before it’s too late?
Haunting, evocative and beautifully illustrated, this rite of passage fable unfolds through a series of narrative poetry and verse with a stark warning for the survival of our planet.

“When I read these lush, sensual poems, they take me to a purer, less poisoned England. One of the past, and hopefully one of the future. If you want to get rid of the psychic detritus of modern life, this is dental floss for the mind and soul.” – Irvine Welsh

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