The Grave – Melville Lovatt (DRAMA)

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The Grave
Michael is reading a book, sitting on a graveyard bench. Williams appears and persistently tries to engage Michael in conversation. This provokes a reaction out of all keeping with the situation.
In the midst of a graveyard, Williams suddenly finds the foundations of his life beginning to shift.
How does Michael know his name?
Has Michael been waiting for him to arrive?
Who, if anyone, does Michael represent?

The Grave can be viewed on different levels and is open to several interpretations.
By turns very funny, violent and bizarre,
It remains one of Melville Lovatt’s most powerful early plays.

Shortlisted for The Diane Raffle One Act Play Award

No of Actors: 2M
Performance Length: 30 minutes
Performance Licence Fee: £15.00
No of scripts required: 4
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