The Fall of the Romance Empire – John Samson

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Match making is hard work and Cupid has been doing it for a long time. Too long in fact and he is now going through a mid-life crisis. But instead of getting divorced, buying a bright red sports car and marrying someone half his age, he has taken to the bottle with worrying consequences.

While heading home from an unsuccessful blind date, Stella suddenly finds herself inexplicably in love with Bud whom she didn’t know from Adam but had innocently sat next to at a bus stop. This poor couple, victims of a drunken drive-by shooting of Cupid’s arrows, now have to be in love with each other without wanting to be. But all is not as it seems, there are dark forces at work. Pub landlords, bus timetables, Labradors and even actuaries all get a look in as this mystery unravels.

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