The Divided Self of Lenny Benjamin – Michael J Hunt



Every nerd has a fantasy life, but Lenny Benjamin really is employed by a covert unit affiliated to MI5, since he has attributes that make him superbly qualified to be entrusted with a ‘Jame Bond’ style licence to eliminate dangerous individuals who threaten democracy.
There’s only one snag. Lenny has no idea that he’s doing it because the actual killing is done by his alter ego, Ben, who spends most of his time in suspended animation, inhabiting Lenny’s mind but unable to affect his boring existence as a city finance company clerk. When called into action, though, Ben takes the most appalling risks; and when things go wrong Lenny always suffers the consequences, much to his pain and bewilderment.
Eventually, though, Ben disovers that his employers, supported by a ruthless foreign mafia, have been infiltrating positions of state, the police, the army and the judiciary to subvert the political landscape.
With the help of Claire, a genuine MI5 agent, and Chris, a relatively junior police officer, Ben takes decisive action and Lenny is drawn into a more active role. Alex, Chris’s girlfriend, is kidnapped, however, so everyone has to tread a very delicate line, because none of them can be sure who can be trusted – including each other.


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