The Cardigan Cuckoos – Guthrie McGruer

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A wealthy Australian mining magnate with Welsh ancestry plans to construct the world’s greatest golf course on the west Wales coast. Supported by politicians in Cardiff but opposed by the local community, the Australian is prepared to go to any lengths to realise his ambition. Finally overcoming all obstacles, including an organised green lobby and a nature warden determined not to be bullied out of his home, his goal is in reach when a meeting with an unlikely source delivers a surprising outcome.
The Cardigan Cuckoos is a one act comedy drama with contemporary themes of identity, privilege, community spirit, the distorting power of wealth and redemption for performance by up to 17 character parts.

Performance Package details
To apply for a Performance Package, see TSL Drama
Copies required for performance: 17 (a discount will be applied for the number of books ordered)
Performance licence: £30.00 per performance


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