The African Journals of Petros Amm – Michael J Hunt

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Beginning with the wreck of a Portuguese ship off the feared Wild Coast of South Africa in 1814, this captivating novel spans southern Africa’s tumultuous past, from unexplored South East Africa in 1814, to war-torn Angola in 1970. The reader is swept along through tribal conflicts, including the rise of Shaka, the charismatic founder of the Zulu nation, political events and racial tensions in a world in the process of discovery.
Richly peopled by resourceful men and women; Petros Ammamanian, his son Theo, Shaka and his powerful mother Nandi, and the diamond dealer Barney Barnato; it is a story of a remarkable mixed race family.
Seen through the eyes of a young Englishman committed to tracking down the lost journals of Petros, a survivor of the shipwreck, and of his son Theo, this exciting story follows their adventures, the discovery of diamonds, and the founding of a unique island state on an isolated river in South West Africa.

2 reviews for The African Journals of Petros Amm – Michael J Hunt

  1. AnneS

    Adventure ahead as you open this book. You’ll have one foot in the present and one in the past. Something different for any reader who likes to explore the world and all its possibilities. I’m pleased to recommend this book and the cast of characters as well worth the time spent and am certain you’ll enjoy the trip through time. I sure did. Anne K. Edwards

  2. AnneS

    Hunt’s exciting and historically detailed novel brings the lives and loves of the African people to the reader. Any person who loves historical fiction and is interested in Africa’s past will find this a fascinating read.
    Naomi Theye, The Historical Novel Society

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