South Africa orders



For South African orders, there are various options:

1. Pay by Paypal, simply complete the order process online for the book of your choice.
2. Pay in South African Rands, complete the online order process to where you insert your address. In the Order Notes (optional) block note ‘pay SA Rands’. Click on ‘Proceed to Payment’, but do NOT COMPLETE the payment. This will trigger a note to me to contact you to complete your order. Any problems, please email Anne on

Please note: there can be a delay of a 2-4 months before you receive your book. This is to allow the best price option with delivery in South Africa through Postnet or Paxi. Postage (Courier & Postnet = R210)
If you want your copy more quickly, complete the above South African Rands process but add a note in the Order Notes section and I will email you the other options.


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