So Long Henry Bear – Alexander Crombie

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In his first two novels, Become The Wind and The Eye Of The Clown, Alexander Crombie drew heavily on his own life story to blend realism and pathos into tales that turn the page for his readers, inviting a second read. In this his third novel, and the third under the imprint of TSL Publications, the reader will find that he has broadened his canvas both in time and space. So Long Henry Bear tells the story of a coming-of-age through the heat and despair of prisoner of war camps, bridging the old and discredited world that bore our protagonist, and his survival into a new world. Along the way Lance loses a cherished friend and comrade in the most brutal of circumstances, while keeping hold of another faithful companion, and finding the will to survive. In this new world, Lance Donald discovers that dream can translate to reality, while outmoded social convention can be scrapped. Imbedded in the rapid evolving of country and countryside, So Long Henry Bear is at heart a love story, but a love story with many a twist and turn.

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