Six for the Road – Stephen Baker


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The song ‘Oh What a Night’ by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons is played. Sam the barman sits on a bar stool adjacent to the bar.
Oh what a night, the last day of July 2019. A night I will always remember. I’ve been working here for the last two years serving the regulars and newcomers alike. Thought I’d seen everything I did, from impromptu strip shows to drunken brawls. It’s surprising what drink can do to the human behaviour. The more people drink, the more barriers loosen and eventually come down. Relationships unravel before your very eyes. But anyway, back to the events of 31st July. This night had everything, and I mean everything! Relationships beginning and ending, the ‘one that got away’ reappearing.
We’d just had a duke box put in. A lot of the regulars wanted a bit of nostalgia, live bands and singers just weren’t hitting the note, if you pardon the pun. They wanted to bring back the old spirit of the pub. So we bought a duke box and the last day of July was its first night. The night started with a family get together and ended with a lock-in; and a whole lot in between. Let the story begin.
Sam walks off singing ‘Oh What a Night.’

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