Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries – Robbie & Michael Cheadle (square)

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The adventures of Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet in poetry form. Michael came up with the idea of Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet and many of the characters contained in the books, when he was ten years old. His ideas were such fun that Robbie decided to turn them into little verse books for his entertainment. The book contains recipes for children to make with adult assistance.

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Note: This book is square. There is another in A5 size

4 reviews for Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries – Robbie & Michael Cheadle (square)

  1. AnneS

    Sir Chocolate and the Strawberry Cream Berries is really fun and will enable kids to use their imagination. I really love how the description of the characters and the pictures tie in so well together.
    The recipes are also a nice touch and they are easy enough for kids to make.

  2. AnneS

    Goodreads 5* – This is a really fun book to read. The pictures are amazing and are exactly what you would imagine the characters to look like. The recipes are great and are easy enough for kids to make. – Donna

  3. AnneS

    Thanks to the young people at Rickmansworth Library Chatterbooks Reading Group for their Review on Sir Chocolate.

    Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet are trying to find a special bean, tasting of strawberries and cream, whilst introducing us to their land of yummy chocolate.
    I like the recipes in this book and how they are part of the story.
    By Olivia

    This book is really good as the recipes encourage you to keep on reading, I really want to make the ‘Jolly gingerbread cookies’.
    By Rishabh

    I love the description of the land the characters live in. The story is based on a quest to find an amazing bean. I really like the character Sir Chocolate, as he reminds me of some-one I know.
    By Lauren

    This book would make a great present, as you get a story to read and additionally you have tasty recipes to cook at home. Nice for parents to read the story together and then have fun cooking the recipes.
    By Yasmeen

    I really like the rhyming in this book, and that the story makes you want to go and make the recipes…I love chocolate and want to live in chocolate land with Sir Chocolate and Lady Sweet.
    By Keshava

    The story of Sir Chocolate is fun and all about something you can eat…everything is chocolate. The recipes go with the theme and make you want to cook them, and then eat them.
    By Hannah

    I like it when books like Sir Chocolate have an activity you can do, this one has tasty recipes you can cook at home. The pictures all look really yummy.
    By Athene

    When I read this book I liked the rhyming throughout the story and I wanted to go straight home to make the recipes, especially the Sir Chocolate brownies.
    By Ellie

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