Right of Possession – Naomi Young-Rodas

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“It was just a slap that first time. Just a slap … He never hit me on the face again. He didn’t want any marks to be seen. Everything had to remain perfect on the outside.”
  Told in the first person, in the style of a conversational diary or letter, Isabel describes the lengths she has to go in escaping her abusive husband, including a death – but whose? Flashbacks tell the story of how they first met, moved in together, married. Only the love of her eccentric best friend Anna can save her.
Pre-publication review:
“Right to Possession portrays very well how much domestic abuse is conflictingly monotonous, the predictability and intensity of the love, then violence, obvious to all but the victim. The terrible destructiveness of domestic abuse to such a wide circle of people, not just the protagonists was palpable, as was the desperate difficulty for victims to escape the circle of abuse, and also how conflicted and imprisoned the abuser is within themselves …. [in the later part] I was so glued to the book that I actually stayed up until well gone 1am one night to find out what happened and finish the book!”
Originally written some years ago, in 2021 following heightened awareness about violence against women, and the huge rise in domestic abuse and stalking, Right to Possession really comes into its own. A perfectly timed release of this death with a twist!

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