Realms of the Mist – Jude Itakali

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Be it born to darkness and sacrifice,
or be it raised amidst love and hope;
for those who dwell under light and freedom,
and those who are shackled to ways preordained,
the cruellest curses stem from our greatest blessings.
And yet some are cursed, so that others may be blessed.

 Kamau is born to a people who repress all emotion, but his first experience of grief shakes the foundations of all his beliefs. It thrusts him on a journey for answers, and ultimately pits him and a few unexpected companions against an ageless power.


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4 reviews for Realms of the Mist – Jude Itakali

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    A different view of fantasy and an introduction to how some people live in Africa and their views on life. The story explores the lives of humans and others with gifted personalities. It was a most enjoyable book, ending on a cliff hanger – and I’m looking forward to Book 2.
    It was a nice way to see Africa, especially at a time when the news if full of negativity about the continent.. RK

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