Plays for Young Actors – Beatrice Holloway (DRAMA)

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Plays for young actors For 5, 9, 12 & 14-16 year olds
For 5 year olds
Mouse Mansion – 12 performers including young children,
the mice family adjust to a new home
Mice at Play – 10 performers, can stand alone,
mice have fun
For 9 year olds
[Bracknell]* Has Talent – 8 performers plus audience,
talent show
The Aliens – 11 performers including 4 girls
A group of friends pretend they’re aliens while having a picnic
For 12 year olds
Some Detective Work – 7 performers all girls,
A phone goes missing…was it stolen?
For 14-16 year olds
A Hasty Judgement – 8 performers, including 1 boy
Is she teacher’s pet and a snob?

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