Play on Words – Henry Dawe

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Do you love a play on words? Do you love to be taken on a journey from the comfort of your armchair? If so, this book could be for you! As a taster …
STEPHEN:Well, don’t forget my cousin’s a seamstress if that helps.
I know she’s busy with some items this evening, actually.
JIM: Is she making ‘em?
STEPHEN:No, Altrincham. To start with, anyway, then later I expect she’ll also be doing her usual trick of linking together two or more garments by twisting the ends around each other.
JIM: Oh, you mean she’ll be …
STEPHEN:Nottingham. Of course she has been known to make a complete pig’s ear of what previously were perfectly good items of clothing.
JIM: Oh, so she …
STEPHEN:Wrexham, yes.
The Grand Tour of the British Isles, from which that excerpt comes, is one of this six-part comedy series written with radio in mind but where the individual episodes could be presented as part of a theatre company’s comedy night. From place names to people and from songs to stars, this is a feast of wordplay to satisfy even the hungriest stomachs. What are you waiting for? Tuck in!

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