Ovum – Gideon Masters

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Book 2 of Lucifer’s Child Jackie and Eve believe the second shard is hidden somewhere in the deeps of the Sargasso Sea, and that its location is in some way connected with the migration pattern of eels. Eve has embarked on a secret voyage of discovery with the man who once tried to gang rape her, as her only human companion. Still struggling with the dualism of her transgendered body and psyche, she must find ways to extend her fledgling physical and psychic powers, far beyond their existing limits. The crushing depths of the Sargasso will not be the only barrier she needs to overcome. Dark forces and an intruding universe dog her steps and bar her path. Thrown like dice into the cauldron of a precarious eternity, Helen and Eve continue to grapple with the imposed reversal of sexuality in their relationship. Previous boundaries of love and intimacy no longer fit the parameters of what may now be an endless future. Through exploration and experimentation, they must learn to know and relate to each other in a new and evolving dynamic, or see their love wither in the stasis of interminable longevity.

NOT SUITABLE for readers under the age of 18.

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