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Melanie and her partner Henrietta are two small-time crooks who have chosen crime as their hobby rather than their living. From the sleepy village of Mallowmarsh, Mel plans to steal a valuable double row of pearls belonging to the late, wealthy Claribel Louise. These she intends either to sell on, or give as a present to her partner Henri whom she rightly believes would rather not take part in these dodgy, amateur escapades. But try as she may to pull off the perfect crime, Mel’s efforts turn to dust giving rise to chapters of humorous misadventures.

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3 reviews for On the Fiddle – Jane Lockyer Willis

  1. AnneS

    ‘I enjoyed your new book, ‘On the Fiddle’ very much.
    It was a really pleasant read with some lovely scenes. I particularly
    enjoyed the episode with the conjurer in the village hall.
    Nice to have an epilogue rounding it all up. I think there
    is room for a sequel. (Langers.)

  2. AnneS

    ‘I enjoyed ”On The Fiddle,’ the story of two small- time crooks, Melanie and Henrietta, in the village of Mallowmarsh. The author’s insightful descriptions of their misadventures is also vivid and humorous. Bertie’s magic show in the village hall was great fun, then the appearance of a surprise guest at a party, and a holiday visit to a farm, that changes Mel and Henri’s future lives.’ (by email, name not provided)

  3. AnneS

    A delightful novel that leads you into the lives of two petty criminals who justify and practically normalise the theft of property. There is nothing sinister about these characters, just a playful thrill of the steal. Their journey to steal the pearls revealed several unexpected discoveries but in the end justice was served. You are taken back into Mel and Henri’s past to understand how they became who they are now, and it is the past that finally takes them into different directions.
    I began to care about the characters and I wanted to know what happens next to them, which is a sign of an enjoyable few hours of escapism, which is what we need these days’.
    Angela Dimitriadis

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