More Towing Path Tales – Beatrice Holloway

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STOWAWAYS are not welcome on narrowboats. Four-legged ones are often thrown into the water. But what happens when Bert discovers a two legged one?

PA’S GOOD NAME is at risk when part of a costly cargo goes missing. Pa has been tricked and knows the culprit, someone so sly that the police have trouble arresting him. Can Pa and Bert track down the thief and prove Pa’s innocence?

MA GETS HER WAY despite Pa saying “no” when Ma hankers after a little house. A visit to a fair and Pa changes his mind. Without Ma, work is doubled for Pa and Bert. They hire a youngster who is useless and causes trouble. When he takes a switch to Nellie, the horse, Pa threatens him and the boy runs away. Have they a solution to their problems?

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