Model Boat Club Blues and Other Predicaments – Charlotte Harker

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Charlotte Harker’s world is one of distorting mirrors and sliding doors, of the ground shifting under one’s feet. The familiar takes on an independent life and defies your earthborn logic. Petty feuds assume nuclear proportions, habits drift into obsessions, names take nominative determinism to an extreme. Moments of ludicrous exhilaration are set against a soft-spoken defeatism.
Here is a world of delights lurking unexpectedly and challenges you to look again at what you believe you know and not to rest on assumptions.
Phil Lawder
Novelist, Journalist and Poet

Charlotte Harker is an artist whose work has been widely exhibited and commissioned and investigates through drawing, painting, printmaking her response to the external world.
Her writing as is evident in this collection of prose and poetry navigates, explores and makes sense of the twists and turns of the inner life. Her work is uniquely absurdist, touching, funny and challenging. She has an extraordinary imagination expressed through prose and poetry and she performs magically to audiences in and around London.
Have you tried to find the beginning of the end of a train? Or slapped a friend in the face with a stuffed squirrel during an argument? Have you imagined the thistle as the incongruity of a tall steel pylon standing amongst wildflowers?
These are just some of the emotional journeys we experience through Charlotte Harker’s poignant and imaginative world.
Sylvia Colley
Poet and Novelist

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