Memories of Time Travel – Nick Horgan

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Nick Horgan’s writing has been described as . . . incisive, fluent and highly enjoyable . . . crystal clear and lyrical . . . honest and brutal . . . profound and accessible . . . pleasing, warm and readable.
Memories of Time Travel is a diverse collection of poems and prose, that looks back into the past and examines our uncertain future, bringing both the past and the future into the present. Covering subjects as wide-ranging as, if Cher could turn back time, getting away with murder, the difference between men and women’s shoes, sitting in the dark, the effects of the pandemic, and What am I doing here, at the top of the stairs? This is another creative and versatile collection.
From speed dating to silence, from faith to football, remembrance to romance, the climate emergency, an appreciation of nature, and the passing of time with its seasons and festivals — including pain and patience, hope and disappointment, friendship and mindfulness, and shoes, it’s all here acutely observed.

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1 review for Memories of Time Travel – Nick Horgan

  1. Peter Lilly

    A fantastic collection of poetry and short stories. Deep, thought provoking and funny in all the right places.

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