Making Adjustments – Melville Lovatt (DRAMA)

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‘To tell you the truth, I’ve been dreading this time. Ron’s retirement, that is, for quite a while, now. The thing is, I’ve got used to having my own space. But Ron seems intent on invading my space. He has so many plans to keep us both active, I’m not sure I’ll have any space left’. So speaks Anita. She is, however, quite pleasantly surprised when things unexpectedly turn out in her favour…

Making Adjustments is a true comic gem, a very ironically funny account of a couple struggling to cope with retirement.

Making Adjustments has been adapted into a play by Melville Lovatt from his Noda Award winning monologue of the same title in his monologue collection, Standing Alone.

No of Actors: 1M 2F
Performance Length: 35 minutes
Performance Licence Fee: £20.00
No of scripts required: 6
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