Living Under Five Flags – Alan (AB) Robertson



A life-story in 3 books (~700 pages):

Book 1: Alan tells the story of his early life in Southern Rhodesia and how he came to know the Lord Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. It concludes with his call into the ministry and the ‘laying on of hands’ at an Easter Convention at his home Assembly in what was then Salisbury, in a country then known simply as Rhodesia.

Book 2: LIVING UNDER FIVE FLAGS. Alan tells of his ministry in the country then known as Rhodesia. He tells of the time he spent in places then known as Selukwe, Gwelo, Salisbury, Que Que Umtali and Chipinga. These were the days of the ‘bush war’ in Rhodesia and a time of considerable danger. In spite of the danger Alan and his young family pioneered a Church in a dangerous part of the country bringing great encouragement to the mainly farming community. Whilst in Chipinga the country known as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe-Rhodesia and finally Zimbabwe.

Book 3: Alan deals with his ministry between 1980 and 1989 in Bulawayo and Harare, the two major cities of Zimbabwe. During a time of incredible change he spent seven years in a leadership role over congregations scattered across the entire country. In spite of the challenging times the Gospel was proclaimed on National television and City Wide Crusades were held. Sadly as the story unfolds mistakes are made much like in any other country where the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ exists. In addition, in spite of the war having ended some years before, further tragedy occurred in the beautiful country of Zimbabwe during this time. The book concludes when Alan and his family leave Zimbabwe at the end of 1989 for the United Kingdom.

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