A little Piece for Mother – Barbara Towell

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Imagine keeping a terrible secret for twenty years.
Imagine the effects on you.
Imagine the effect on your family.

The Kalinski family, Jewish immigrants from Poland struggle to settle in London after the Second World War. They long to forget the horrors of Nazi persecution; make a new start. But is it possible, or are the scars too deep? How will they cope when one day they find they have new neighbours – German neighbours? This story spans the years from the 1940s to 2008, and is told, in flashback, by the daughter, Martina. Filled with intrigue, nostalgia, love and hate, it is sometimes shocking – yet at times it will make you smile.

Cover design – John Towell Background Photo – Bill Hunt Hear Barbara read from A little piece for Mother

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1 review for A little Piece for Mother – Barbara Towell

  1. AnneS

    9 March 2019: I only started reading “a little piece” yesterday and I can’t stop reading it. Martina’s sense of otherness and isolation which early in the book seems so ordinary is gradually developed until it is clearly extra ordinary. You slowly and surely weave the complexity that she has been born into … and must come to terms with … into a undeniable recognition for the reader… for me. Just finished part 2. Making coffee and starting part 3 now!!

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