Life, Love, Death, Debauchery – Debbie Nagioff



Life, Love, Death and Debauchery
(not necessarily in that order)

is a collection of playlets written and performed by Player Playwrights (a London group of professional and semi-professional actors and writers who convene at the North London Tavern, Kilburn for regular play readings).

The Foot of the Bed 6 characters 10 mins
A woman is dying in hospital. She is being looked over by her grandparents in spirit who are sitting at the foot of her bed – only, as it turns out, they’ve got the wrong bed!

The Last Sunrise 8 characters 5 mins
A Holocaust survivor talks out his memories to a psychiatrist.

Mullered! 9 characters 5 mins
A talk show host appears drunk on television resulting in chaos for the gallery and crew.

Pride & Strine 4 characters 7 mins
An Australian group of actors decide to do their very modern version of Pride & Prejudice. (Jane Austen would be appalled!)

Into the Trench via the Breach 11 characters 7 mins
A school trip to an art gallery has remarkable consequences for an imaginative rather naughty schoolboy.

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Performance Package details
To apply for a Performance Package, see TSL Drama
Copies required for performance: 14
Performance licence: £5 per playlet


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