Kenya Days, Moonlit Nights – Bhupendra Brahmabhatt

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Kenya Days is a homage to the golden days of the East African Asian and the lifestyle in that part of the world. Thus, although the setting is Kenya, it could as well apply to the other two territories, Uganda or Tanzania, as the lifestyle then was very similar. Starting in the post-war 1940s and continuing until the mid 1970s ‘Kenya Days, Moonlit Nights’ tells of Shekhar Vakil’s growing up, first in coastal Mombasa and then later in the capital city of Nairobi.

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3 reviews for Kenya Days, Moonlit Nights – Bhupendra Brahmabhatt

  1. Nayan Tolia

    This novel gives a rare glimpse into the Indian community in East Africa as well as their lifestyle in the mid 20th century as the author tells the story of Shekhar Vakil and family.

    The text is written in English with frequent Swahili and Indian references (translated throughout).

    Included are rich and detailed descriptions of the landscape and wildlife of East Africa, with human characters with a notably cosmopolitan flavour. Complex and surprising characters abound from Kenya’s various communities; British colonials, various Indian ethnicities and different African tribes.

    The author refers to the characters’ times in East Africa as the best years of their lives, and anybody who is familiar or would like to be familiar with those times should look no further!

  2. Joseph Kaniska

    When a friend recommended this novel I was hesitant at first as I had no previous knowledge of East African culture and history, however having read the book i would strongly recommend it to anyone.
    The author with his gentle humour presents the reader with several tales rolled into one, with beautiful descriptions of the African landscape, wildlife and memorable characters from all communities that remain in memory with the reader long after finishing the book.
    Thank you for a thoroughly enjoyable read!

  3. Neil D. Ayres

    In Kenya Days, Moonlit Nights Bhupendra Brahmabhatt gives us an intriguing view during much of the twentieth century into the life of the Vakil family who settled in East Africa from India.

    We see details of the way of life many Indians enjoyed; visits to the cinema, the passing enthusiasms of popular music, shopping trips and evening promenades in Mombasa. Through the experiences of the young Shekhar we join the family and friends for noisy get-togethers, religious festivals and holidays. The joy at the landscape and peoples of east Africa shows through all this warmly. Altogether a fascinating read.

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