Joyful Witness – Kathleen Bates

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Coincidences: are they the product of pure chance? Or might they have some hidden significance? Testifying to the coincidences and other startling events which have deepened her faith in God, the author invites readers to judge whether or not these are ‘admissible evidence’, and to reflect on any surprising sources of help which they themselves may have experienced in times of stress.

Joyful Witness was published in paperback by Kathleen in 2005. In response to requests for an ebook version, TSL has partnered with Kathleen to bring this to fruition. Both versions are now available.

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1 review for Joyful Witness – Kathleen Bates

  1. AnneS

    I read a chapter and then finished it at a sitting! I thought it was wonderful in so many ways – and refreshingly honest. Fine autobiographical writing. Challenging spiritually.

    What an interesting, comforting and reassuring book (Mrs LP Prestwick)

    A wonderful book looking at the various ‘coincidences’ that happen in our life and seeing God’s leading throughout. (JW, Edinburgh)

    It will be a comfort to many (Dunfermline)

    I am so glad you have taken the time to record these things and hold them to the light. (Belfast)

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