Into Wonderland – Lawrence Leve & Mavis Pachter

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Jenna and Matt are twins on holiday in South Africa. Seated around a fire in a game reserve, they listen to a game ranger talking about poachers. A rhino has been killed for its horns and a baby rhino left to fend for itself. The twins hear a parrot squawk, asking for help. Curious, they follow the parrot but are caught by the poachers. The parrot, meanwhile, leads Andoyiki, a young boy from a village nearby, to their rescue. The parrot takes them to Wonderland, a place beyond the river, where he has led animals to safety away from poachers. The parrot can communicate with all the animals and enables them to live calmly side by side. But, the carnivores are tired of a vegetarian diet and begin to see the other animals as lunch. The parrot needs help to rid the game reserve of poachers so the animals can return safely. The twins come up with a masterful plan.
Wonderland and a story about children riding astride elephants in an attack on poachers remains a mystery to this day.

About Mavis
Dr Lawrence Leve (1934-2019) was a South African Orthopaedic Surgeon. He spent most of his life living in the suburb of Camps Bay and working in Cape Town. He had a great love for the sea and sailing, and had a small holding on the Berg River in Veldrift. After retiring his creative side blossomed. He took part in art and writing classes where he met likeminded people that brought him great joy. He is survived by his life partner, six children, eleven grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
Mavis writes: My dearest brother asked me to edit his story. It took a long time before I was ready to do so. I used a wonderful professional editor, Sara Starbuck, who guided me as I brought Lawrence’s story together trying not to lose his unique voice.


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