His Hidden Wings – Alexander Williams

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Aidan is on the edge. It’s his 16th birthday and all he has to show for it is a bowl of microwaved ice cream. His parents are about to split up, his brother hates his guts and his best friend’s a film-nerd who’d rather re-watch the original Star Wars trilogy than talk about feelings. Worst of all, strangest of all, he suddenly sprouts a tiny pair of beautiful blue butterfly wings.

Desperate to hide his fast-growing wings from the school bullies who already think he’s a freak, Aidan is shocked when football captain James notices them and reveals he has them too. Together they embark on a wild and wonderful adventure, soaring through the air to the secret world of the Asphodel Meadows. There Aidan realises his feelings for James are far more than just friendship. But what exactly are they? And does James feel the same way?

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1 review for His Hidden Wings – Alexander Williams

  1. AnneS

    ‘The best YA writing, like the best of any writing, gives you fresh eyes on the world you thought you knew. It can make you think more deeply about the people around you and about yourself. His Hidden Wings does all this with warmth, wit and almost overwhelming wonder. It’s bold and beautiful. It’s stayed with me for a long time, carrying me on its wings.’
    – Joe Craig, author of the Jimmy Coates series

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