Goodbye Hoop Skirts – Hello World! – Mary Moore Mason



The life story of travel writer Mary Moore Mason is an unusual, colorful and sometimes hilarious account of adventures and upheavals, creativity and tenacity.
The descendant of a courageous survivor of American Indian captivity, Mary Moore was brought up as a potential (if ultimately rebellious) Southern Belle in the racially segregated American South.
She maneuvered her way into the previously all-male newsroom of a Virginia newspaper dedicated to the preservation of racial segregation – and then regularly attended mixed-race parties.
She flew to Paris to reignite a summer romance with a handsome young Frenchman – and then decamped with his Sicilian-American friend to become a travel writer in Athens.
She then moved in the late 1960s to “Swinging London” where she eventually married a trendy photographer known for his photos of the Beatles and such iconic American jazz musicians as Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington – and helped rescue him from two misadventures.
She traveled the world writing about places as diverse as Thailand, Kenya and Oman, became a pioneer in the promotion – via airlines and tourist boards – of transatlantic travel to the USA, launched the first UK travel magazines exclusively covering North America – today she remains the editor of “Essentially America” – and was elected the first American chairman of the British Guild of Travel Writers.
Not only were there triumphs but also traumas … some may make you laugh out loud.

Find out more about Mary from her blog: Mary Go Round America.


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