Gestation – Gideon Masters

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Outraged at the rape of Helen, the angels are in revolt. Cariel has forged an alliance with Captain Baker and the crew of the Fairweather, to tie up Semayaza in a distraction attack on the cloud city, creating precious time for Baliel to rally enough forces among the fallen, to lay siege to the lord of angels in his stronghold. Without their goddess, however, this is a strategy of desperation and likely failure.
In the meantime, Eve is struggling soul deep, against the mudslide of obliviate transcendence, and can barely condense sufficient coherent thought, to maintain her sense of self; even in the vastnesses at the edge of infinity. She finds strength, comfort, and an unlikely ally, in the creature Ouroboros. Together they enter the earthly realm, but it’s confines are crushing, her need, desperate to explode into the infinite call of oblivion. With the stricken Cariel at her side, she finds temporary release for the expansion of her essence, in the unformed void of Quantum space, but its uncertain improbability is a two edged sword that could threaten existence itself.
With divine, demonic, angelic, and human aid, and the improbable appearance of a submissive and loyal artificial intelligence, Eve conceives a plan; to mould the probability of the quantum void, into the perception of her transcendent will, and thus create a vast sub nano space, solidified within the spiritual matrix of sentient life.
Her plan relies on the ignorance of all those who would help her, willingly or not. To some extent this includes herself. She will need to visit, draw on, and manipulate, many wonderful and surreal worlds, and many entities, if her plan is to have any chance of highly improbable success.

This is book 3 of the Lucifer’s Child series.

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