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Now is one of the darkest hours for humanity, but there is still a ray of hope. And that ray of hope will come to us by embracing and practising the thoughts and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi. It is often said that it will be hard for future generations to believe that such a man ever existed and walked upon this earth. Many people of the world have followed the path shown by Mahatma Gandhi and have brought prosperity to themselves and their societies.

It is often thought that the principles of Mahatma Gandhi are too hard to be followed by a common man. But when we share success stories of everyday people who have followed his teachings and prospered, we come to know that his principles are easily followed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, and would produce the same results – prosperity and welfare. Undoubtedly, he is ever relevant. Forgetting him is equal to forgetting love, peace, truth, justice and ahimsa* in the world.

To inculcate good manners, respect, peace, harmony, values, culture and ethics to young children and youth in the world so as to ensure that they can become good citizens across the world in the future and to educate against the evil effects of wrongs, this book will help because the thoughts and philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi are most relevant today.

Poetry is used to express the deepest human emotions because it has a much closer connection to the heart. It is the natural and complete medium for expressing the depth of human soul. Through this book, I wish to further Gandhi’s teachings of love, peace, truth, justice and ahimsa and to pave the way for establishing a humane society all over the world.

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