From Sri Lanka with Love – Margaret L Moore

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“You should write a book,” I kept hearing from those who received my holiday emails.
So, for once, I’ve done what I was told.
This book centres around a wonderful holiday my husband Douglas and I had in Sri Lanka in 2017, with friends George and Sylvia, exploring our immediate surroundings and travelling further afield in this wonderful island.
Each day brought new experiences ranging from relaxing to exhausting, amusing to thought provoking, straightforward and the very opposite!
The holiday provided an ideal opportunity to chat and reminisce about previous holidays we’d had with sons David and Andrew or cousins and friends. Our holidays have changed hugely over the years from simple caravan holidays in our Scottish homeland to jetting across the world, adapting to different climates and cultures.
Journey with me as we holiday in Sri Lanka and recount tales from around the globe: Iceland, America, India, Hong Kong, Norway, Spain, Italy, London, Madeira, South Africa, Dubai, Canada, Austria and Australia.
My hope is you’ll feel you’re on holiday with me as you read.

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9 reviews for From Sri Lanka with Love – Margaret L Moore

  1. J Kelly

    An uplifting travel log enabling reader escapism plus a belief that we could do this too!
    The author’s words transport in a way that travel books for me should, to incredible and exotic far away places. Escapism for readers was aplenty but the author also offered realisation that this kind of travel is achievable rather than just a dream. It is an account of the joys of local family holidays too, which many at this challenging time (2020) are discovering. Travelling niggles are thoroughly shaded by friendships and fun. While some descriptions made me think, “Rather you than me!” the majority was an exciting invitation. This book inspires me to look afresh at places both near and far that I would love to explore. The author’s tapestry of tales provides an inspirational pattern from which I can create my own.

  2. D. Scott

    The book is a super read!!
    The author has woven so many holiday adventures to indeed create a tapestry of holiday tales.

  3. A. Arthur

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book so different from my usual murder – thrillers that I read. It was well named a tapestry of holidays just like stitches which are sewn to-gether so were the holidays from one end of the world to the other whether with family or friends. Good memories of holidays which are adventurous and cherished. As I read this book it was obvious to me that Margaret and I have something in common apart from loving our holidays “ice-cream” love it – except chocolate ice-cream. The book is a good escapism from all the problems we are experiencing at this time.

  4. Anne Samson

  5. Irene

    I enjoyed reading this book. It transported me with laughter to lovely places I would never be able to visit. Because I know the family I pictured their various exploits with delight.

  6. Liz

    This book gives a vivid description of SRI Lanka and also travelling to other exotic destinations. We learn about different cultures and customs. It is also an easy read and told with heartfelt honesty and humour. It may give readers inspiration to do such holidays.. it is a most enjoyable read filled with happiness.

  7. Vickie

    A lovely easy to read book with great detail. A real sense of an exciting and enjoyable trip to Sri Lanka and great memories of other family trips in various corners of the world.
    The author portrays a picture of fun and happy times.
    A great insight into holidaying in the Far East.
    I especially loved the holiday tales of Kippford an area very close to my heart.

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