From Commoner to Coronet – Beatrice Holloway (DRAMA)


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From Commoner to Coronet is based on the 18th century Berkeley Family, and the well-researched book Mary Cole — Countess of Berkeley, written by Hope Costley-White in 1961. Her interest was piqued when perusing a document entitled: ‘Minutes of Evidence taken before the Committee of privileges on the Earl of Berkeley’s pedigree, 1799 and Minutes of Evidence given before the Committee of Privileges to whom the petition of William Fitzhardinge Berkeley, claiming as of right to be Earl of Berkeley, was referred, 1811.’ From Commoner to Coronet was first performed at Convent Garden Museum Theatre in 2008.

No of Actors: 7M 7F 1x extras
Performance Length: 90 minutes
Performance Licence Fee: £45.00
No of scripts required: 18
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