Exploding the Myths: mammal welfare, handling and teaching



By Dr Marthe Kiley-Worthington and Jake Rendle-Worthington

Humans have been interacting intimately with our mammalian cousins for tens of thousands of years. Provided the animals do not suffer, with both humans and animals benefiting through quality of life, social interaction and mental stimulation, there is no reason why different mammals should not help us, and us them. Improvements in their living conditions or their teaching often only need innovation and thought.

This book aims to help improve all aspects of the life of non-human mammals and their owners. Animal welfare science in combination with learning theory and critically assessed practical knowledge gives insight to this end. The philosophical and scientific arguments are given in a simple, non-jargonised form. We present the foundations of Cooperative Teaching and give practical guidance, with a variety of mammalian species in mind. Whether you care for or work with animals as a pet owner, equestrian competitor, veterinarian, zoo keeper, farmer, animal trainer or conservationist, there is something for you in this book.

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